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Make Our Bank Your Bank

For your convenience, all of our lobbies now open at 8:30.

Online Services

Copiah Bank's Online Services

Bill Pay Demo

With Copiah Bankís Online Bill Pay, you can pay anyone you are currently paying with a check. Thereís no hassle or expense of writing checks, postage and then mailing your payments. Another great benefit is "Itís Free". Make our Bank your Bank

Please check out our Online Bill Pay demo today. If you have any questions, call or stop by any of our convenient offices for additional information.

Miss Ollie

With Miss Ollie Online, you have the convenience of checking your account balance, transferring funds and viewing your account history. For added security, logging onto Miss Ollie Online (Internet Banking) will open a new browser window. You should see the "Lock" or "Key" indicating a secure site, in the lower right corner of that window. Click Here to Log onto your account. Make our Bank your Bank.

Reorder Checks Online

You may now reorder checks for your Copiah Bank accounts online. Through our partner, Harland Clarke, you may choose from multiple styles for both business and checking needs.

Click Here to open direct link to Harland Clarke, in a new browser window.

Buy U.S. Savings Bonds Online

Enjoy a secure source for purchasing US Saving Bonds Online either as gifts or for your own investment goals. Both Series I or EE available for online purchase.

Click Here to open a direct link to the Treasury Department, in a new browser window.

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